Military-Political Activity of NATO in Africa
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Military-Political Activity of NATO in Africa
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Evgeny Korenev 
Occupation: Associate Professor, Department of International Relations and Russian Foreign Policy, Saratov State University; expert, Institute of Contemporary International Studies, Diplomatic Academy
Affiliation: Saratov State University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The article analyzes the implementation of NATO’s regional strategy in Africa after the end of the Cold War. The author evaluates the intervention of NATO in conflicts on the continent, primarily in Libya, as well as anti-piracy missions and considers the development of NATO’s partnership with African countries in multilateral and individual formats.

Special attention is paid to the study of the Alliance’s interaction with the states of the Sahel region, primarily Mauritania. It is concluded that Africa in the near future will be one of the world’s regions on which NATO will project its military and political power, trying to include it in the sphere of its geopolitical influence. To realize this goal, the North Atlantic Alliance will not only increase security cooperation with various regional partners, but will also seek to limit the cooperation of Russia and China with African states in the military-political sphere.

NATO, Africa, regional security, France, Sahel region, Mauritania, Egypt, Algeria
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