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This article devoted to such important international event as XIX Chinese Communist Party Congress and to the effects of this event for China economic and political development and its home and foreign policy. As the article shows, the Chinese leaders headed by Xi Jinping were able to solve the problems of power consolidation, overcoming internal struggle and strengthening the authority of the Communist party within the country, as well as to increase China's influence in the world arena. Among the achievements of the Congress is the promotion of new conceptual guidelines, in particular, the idea of socialism with Chinese characteristics «in new era". The concept of "common heritage of mankind» has been put forward as an ideological basis of Chinese foreign policy. China not only declares a course for the creation of a great power, but also is ready to try a role of global leader. Author makes the conclusion that the substantial changes in China's foreign policy are improbable. Beijing will guided as always by the principle of non-interference in international affairs and peaceful resolution of conflicts by negotiations. This confirmed by its position in Syria crisis. At the same time, China intends to strengthen its military power, international positions and defend its interests where they are threatened. There are also reasons to suppose that after the congress China will keep and probably intensify attention to Africa.
China, Chinese Communist Party, XIX Congress, Xi Jinping, concepts, development, foreign policy
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Последнее время не могу найти нормальную информацию чтоб получить независимое мнение по той или иной новости, в основном большая часть контролируема государством. Вижу что сейчас на небольших СМИ информация более качественная. Нашел и хочу поделиться: А где ищите ВЫ?


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