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"Asia and Africa today" № 3 2020






Artyom V. GOFMAN, Post-graduate student, Research Assistant, Israel Studies Department, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Science ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


    This article is dedicated to the modern Palestinian-Israel settlement problems. Research carried out in the field of implementation of the two-state solution in terms of American Deal of the Century. It is known that Trump’s administration proclaimed Palestinian problem resolution as matter of utmost importance. But the two-state formula faces obstacles thus putting on the table alternatives such as the Jordanian option.

    However the history of its realization was fruitless. During 1970-80’s Israelis and Jordanians tried to build different types of confederations which aim was to prevent the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. But all of them brought to nothing.

    There were several unsuccessful attempts to resume peace process up to 2017 when Trump became a president. In the new course of the U.S. approach towards Palestinian-Israeli conflict resolution Americans pledged to be an impartial mediator, but in real acted in favor of Israel.

    At this moment, the confederation option emerged. Palestinian leader approved to join the triple Jordanian-Palestinian-Israeli state but Israelis and Jordanians rebuffed. Both of them regard such an association as violating their national interests. Neither Israel withdraws from occupied territories nor Jordan gives up the two-state solution formula.

    Furthermore, Russia cannot replace the USA as a main mediator nowadays. Russians offered Moscow as a place for negotiations but little has changed. Taking this into consideration, it is crucial to enhance our ties with Israelis and Palestinians in order to occupy more important role in negotiations.

    As for outlook for close future, status-quo seems to be the most possible due to lack of trust between Americans and Israelis with Palestinians.


Israel, Palestine, Russia, USA

Pages 65-71