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RUSSIA AND AFRICA: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES IN NEW GLOBAL REALITIES by Irina O. ABRAMOVA, Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences; Dr.Sc. (Economy), Professor; Director, Institute for African Studies, RAS; member, Editorial Board, “Aziya i Afrika segodnya” journal ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
The article focuses on the issues related to the development of economic relations between Russia and Africa under the new geoeconomic  conditions. The author shows that the shifts in the world economy and politics over the last 10 years changed the global economic landscape and raised the interest towards the African continent, with competition on the continent becoming stiffer. The modern expansion into the African continent is accounted for not only by the urge of stakeholders to strengthen their positions in the global resource supply - which largely influences the national security, - but also by their strategic objective to ensure stable positions and zones of influence while competing globally in the 2020-2030-s. It is the period when the African continent is forecast(according to the leading think tanks, analytical and rating agencies) to turn into the source of growing global labour, consumerdemand and resource potential to develop the world economy i.e. the objectives are of the long-term character. At present, Russia and African states are pursuing the common objective - to shape more just world order which better corresponds to new realities. Africans still consider Russia as the most probable ally while protecting their interests in the international arena and as a counterweight to the hegemonic aspirations of one superpowers or a group of superpowers. It is time for Russia to consider Africa as a strategic partner. The author comes up with concrete measures on stirring up the Russian-African partnership.
Keywords:  foreign economic strategy of Russia, developing markets, Africa, Russian-African partnership, Saint-Petersburg economic forum